Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I think

Okay so there has been some talk about the similarities and differences between the Jakks dolls and Simba/Witty Toys/Smoby/Whatever Winx Dolls.I am here to give my opinion on it.

Here are some Images to look at. 

Witty Toys/Simba/Smoby/Whatever- Bloom 
Jakks- Bloom

  I guess Rainbow wants the boxes to look similar. I'm sure they had permission to basically steal the other company's boxes. Honestly I think all of the things about Jakks making their shoes different because Simba has copyright on the dolls is just simply not true. If they were gonna sue Jakks it would be because they were also making winx dolls before they were sued because of the shoes. Also, Rainbow gave both companies permission to make the Winx dolls so the companies can't sue each other.

The back of the boxes are also very similar visit these links to see the back of the boxes



Original Seasons 1 and 2 from Nick?

I have just had this idea in my head for a while. Wouldn't it be great if we could have nick dub the original seasons 1 and 2 of Winx Club? This would be awesome just for for me because I love the original first season of Winx Club and that's what got me so into the show :) Also, if Nick dubbed the first two seasons us  English fans could finally have the full series of Winx dubbed in English with the same voice actors. They could sell us really expensive box sets of the whole series :) And isn't that what Nick wants, our money? When season 6 is over the voice actors could have one final Winx project-original seasons 1 and 2. I would love to suggest this idea to Nick but I have know idea how to even go about doing this. Wouldn't this be cool? Tell me what you guys think in the comments. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love and Pet Bloom Toys R Us Exclusive

She is now available on here:
Not sure when she will be available in the U.S.

New Smoby Winx Doll Images!

Today I was on looking to see if they had any pictures of new Winx dolls and they did!

                                 Here are the new basic dolls that display the new season 5 outfits. Personally I think they could have been a bit better. I can't wait to see what Jakks does with them :) Now I will give you the poorly translated descriptions:
Sheet: 28 cm doll 6 assorted styles Winx held in their everyday. Super trendy as usual!Accessories: mobile phone + friendship bracelet for children + comb
More: 3years + 
The style of the new 5 Series! Winx in their trendy outfit when at Alfea ... accessories for you and your doll!

Here are the new Harmonix dolls! I guess they look fine to me :) Again it will be exciting to see how they compare with the Jakks dolls.
Sheet: 28 cm doll 6 styles assorted New dresses tulle mechanical movement of the wings in unfolding the wings and dress is by lowering the wings become lagging the dress very long hair and silky Accessories: brush starfish hair
More: + 36 months 
The new transformation of the fifth season of the Winx Club ...: Harmonix With a simple gesture, the dress turns into beautiful fairy wings!

I wish all of the Harmonix dolls looked this great! She is stunning! 
Sheet: Electronic doll 28 cm Movement mechanical wings wings unfold and his transformation begins Starfish (control), the music starts when you power Harmonix approaches the body of Bloom Hair very long and silky
More: Bloom doll 28 cm Harmonix electronic Requires 2 LR44 Batteries included

It looks like both companies decided to make a scooter!  I think they are both very nice!

Sheet: Motorized scooter, sounds & lights + doll 28 cm Scooter in recognition of the doll when the doll sits, the engine purrs and the flagship scooter flashes three modes: OFF, ON the scooter forward with music & light ON the scooter forward light but Music The scooter is adjustable handlebar system security: motorbike stops automatically after 30 secondsAccessories: a helmet that can be stored in the trunk
More:Electronic scooter runs on 3 LR46 batteries (not included). Box including: scooter, doll and accessories

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bloom Enchantix from Good vs Evil 4pk!

 First of all I have to say I love this doll! She is my favorite Enchnatix dol from the good vs evil 2pk. Don't make me choose between her and Icy I love them both.
 Her face is very pretty, but it's the same as all of the other Bloom dolls. Jakks isn't getting to creative with the makeup which is sort of a let down for me. The Limited Edition Bloom had really cool make-up and I would like to see the same creativity with the other dolls too.
 Her dress is pretty accurate with the show, maybe it could have some more layers with yellow and pink(as seen in the picture from the show above) I like the dress a lot though it's so pretty and looks great.
 Here are her enchantix shoes. It looks like they went the Mattel route with these. Which is fine, but they gave each girl the same shoe mold. I guess it's better than them making all of the shoes pink or something like that.

 I love her wings! Jakks has really made the best Winx wings ever! They are accurate and detailed!
Of course she has the Winx "X" on her back where you can insert the wings. Another thing I really didn't like was they gave the dolls the exact hair as the believix dolls, and it's still low grade nylon.Hopefully this problem will be fixed. I give this doll a 8/10 rating. She is beautiful but the hair, and repetitive faces need to be fixed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New season 5 dolls on ebay!

Bloom Charmix now on TRU's site

Here she is! I also wanted to say that I have noticed a lot of things that are out of stock will come back in stock for a short time, so if you keep trying to buy something from TRU, just check often bye :)

I really like these doll actually. I wish I could have them all!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flora Concert Doll Review

At first I didn't actually want to get this doll, but I won her online from Time To Play Mag (They are awesome check them out! They do all sorts of giveaways) Anyways when I opened her I decided I liked her a a lot. I think it's because the skirt is detailed and has 3 layers of fabric.

 Her face is very pretty. I think it looks a lot like Flora (in CGI, Mattel did the best 2d representation of her face in my opinion) She has green eyes, pink eye shadow, and pink lips.
 Her top isn't that detailed but it does look pretty. It has a pink jacket, a sparkly black top, and a pink bow. The weird this is it's only one piece. I heard Musa's jacket is only one piece too. Stella's jacket is two pieces, I know that because my cousin has her. I'm just wondering why Jakks did the jackets differently.
Her skirt is very detailed compared to some of the other fashions we have seen. Her skirt has three layers pink and black plaid, black fishnet, and then just a pink layer at the bottom.  She has a plastic grey belt.

 She has really pretty pink boots.
Here is a front view of them.

 Her Hair is very pretty but still made out of low grade nylon.

And like all of the dolls she has the winx "X" in her back so you can insert wings into her.

So overall I will rate this doll a 8/10 and for the same issues as usual. Not detailed enough and cheap hair quality. Come on Jakks, you can do it! Just buy some better hair and pay attention to detail!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Winx Doll News

Today while browsing TRU's website I saw that they had listed Flora and Stella Charmix. They have not listed Bloom yet, here are some pics! Purchase them here:

And Target has some dolls for discounted prices, and Musa and Tecna Believix are in stock on for 18.99 get them while you can here!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

 Welcome to my second doll review, Icy from the Good vs. Evil Target Exclusive 4pk that came out in early August. I will be doing the other girls to, but didn't want to do them all at the same time, with that said, let's get on to the review!

 Icy has a very pretty face but I don't think It looks mean enough. She looks a little to sweet, but not too sweet. Her makeup is 3 shades of eye shadow--- blue, grey, and pink, with red lipstick.
Her hair is beautiful and much more manageable that the dolls with curly hair. If you condition Icy's hair it makes it extra soft and manageable. 

 Her outfit is pretty but fans know it is not at all as detailed as it should be. Jakks didn't really finish making her belt, necklace, "I" thing. They just stopped it at the top of her jumpsuit. The arm gloves are detailed enough for me, and I think the shoes should have been pointed at the top and the heels should have been colored light blue.

Her cape is very glittery and made of a mesh material. You can even put wings in Icy which I think is so cool!

 Above are just some extra pictures I wanted to show you guys.
And Finally the moment you have all been waiting for------I give Icy 9/10 stars! I know this rating may seem a little high for her due to the fact she isn't very detailed and her arms aren't fully articulated. But look how awesome she looks! I am so glad Jakks decided to release icy. I just wish they would have released the other trix in this outfit as well as their trendy outfits. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Please tell me what I could do to make them better. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Aisha Believix by Jakks Pacific Doll Review!

     Hello Guys! Welcome to my first legit post and first blog doll review! It is for the Aisha believix doll by Jakks Pacific. If you want to know what I thought about her, continue reading! (The dolls do not come with stands, I am using a Monster High Cleo Dead Tired Stand) Before I start I would like to address that the winx dolls are very posable and have 11 points of articulation. It is cool to see how articulation is becoming more and more standard in fashion dolls.

 First let's start with the face, she has an amazing and beautiful face :) Her eye shadow is light pink with a dark pink layer on top. On top of the dark pink layer is glitter.

      Before we review the rest of the doll let's take a look at what she comes with. She has a glittery pink brush with the Winx Club logo and the Winx "X" at the tip.

 She also comes with a magical membership card that gives you access to exclusive content on Nick's website. The card is similar to the Mattel ones in that when you move it from side to side you see a picture of the Winx girl in her normal outfit and her fairy outfit. I really like the cards, I just wish the dolls came with stands.

 Her top is made from a shiny blue metallic material and sparkly green fishnet.. I do not really like the materials because they seem to fray quite easily and the color can be rubbed off over time if you are not gentle.

Her pants are made of the same material as the shirt. At the top of her pants she has a green crocodile like pattern.

 Even though Jakks made some odd shoes I really love Aisha's believix shoe mold. It's probably the most accurate one and the most stylish in my opinion.
Her hair is beautiful but lacking detail and quality. It is made from low grade nylon and is not very soft.Her two curls in front should be a light pinkish reddish brown color. If you brush it it will become way to frizzy. But it curls great and looks great.

And getting to my favorite part of the doll: the wings! Jakks Pacific has outdone themselves with their new Winx device. In the back of each doll is the Winx "X" that you insert the wings into. The Jakks wings are highly detailed and have a bunch of glitter. I like their wings even more than Mattel's.

This concludes my first review and I give the dolls 8/10 stars! She would have gotten the full 10 if she was a little more detailed and had better hair quality. Jakks if you listen to the suggestions of the Winx fans your company will be racking in even more cash! My next review will be Icy from the good vs. evil 4pk :)