Monday, February 17, 2014

Exclusive (kind of!) Look at the Online Winx Club Store!

Hello guys! I hope everyone has been well xD. Today I am very happy to present to you some exclusive screenshots of the Online Winx Club Store that is not available in every country. I know many North American fans (and anyone else that lives in a country where the shopping site cannot be accessed) have wanted to know what's available on the website and what it looks like. Thankfully my new online friend Marie has been kind enough to share some screenshots and information about the shopping site.
Check out her links: 
Blog's Facebook page:

Please check out her website where she translates various Winx Club content into English! You MUST check her out! Thanks to Marie for the awesome info and screenshots! 

Here's the homepage of the site and a page where it looks like you can purchase giftcards! 

I love Winx dolls so let's start out with those! According to Marie, these are the available dolls on the Winx Shopping Site: 

Bloom Urban Fairy-Exclusive to the Winx Online Shop! 
Vespa + Bloom (Bloom Scooter Doll) 
Playset Concerto (Concert Playset) 
Stella Design Studio
Harmonix: Stella, Musa, Bloom, Tecna, Flora, Aisha
Styling Head: Bloom + Stella
Sirenix Power: Bloom, Flora, Stella, Aisha, Musa, Tecna
Toddler: Bloom, Stella, Flora

Here are some of the Winx Fashion dolls and Playsets available: 

Here are some of the books, journals, comics, dvds, etc, available: 

Here's some bedding, puzzles, and games available: 

Here are some available clothes and fashions: 

I hope you guys enjoyed this view of the Winx Club shopping site! Thanks again to Marie, for supplying the info and screenshots for this blog post! You rock! Everyone make sure to check her out in the links provided above! I couldn't have done this post without her!