Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fly High All Around Part 2: Contact Jakks Pacific!

If you haven't already heard I have started the "Fly High All Around" Winx Club Doll Campaign on my YouTube Channel Sailoreric97 with BubbleGumMagic97 on YouTube. The Winx Club dolls by Jakks Pacific have been selling poorly lately and we want to change this! Please read about my previous post about #FlyHighAllAround here for more details if you haven't heard about it yet. 

So we know doll sales are low and as fans we pretty much can see the obvious problems with the Winx Club Doll line. Most fans have come to the conclusion that poor doll sales are a result of:
  • Poor Marketing by Jakks and Nickelodeon: It seems that Jakks Pacific and Nickelodeon really haven't been advertising Winx. Winx Club just randomly stopped airing on Nickelodeon and when the show was airing we weren't seeing very many, if any, commercials to advertise the show and let fans know when it was airing. Nickelodeon doesn't seem to advertise Nick much on their social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Without the frequent advertising  how can they expect people who aren't huge fans like us to stay updated? 
  • Too Many Blooms left on shelves: This is one major problem that no doubt hurt the line. Consumers were mostly finding Bloom dolls and when they wanted other characters, they simply had trouble finding them due to the rarer characters selling out fast. UPDATE: It seems that this problem may be being fixed. I was watching a Tecna Sirenix Doll review on YouTube and in the comments I asked the girl how many of each character she saw at the store. She replied to me saying she saw one of each girl! So hopefully this will be the new case ratio. 

  • Bad Distribution:  From what I've heard people were for the most part able to easily find the first releases---Believix, Concert, and Everyday Collections. But when it came to the second wave of dolls---Harmonix and City Style- some people still have not been able to find these dolls in stores. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fly High All Around Winx Club Doll Campaign!

According to many recent articles (some more recent than others) the Winx Club Doll line has been selling poorly. Here are just two articles you can read about toy sales at Jakks Pacific. Both directly mention the Winx Club Doll Line.

There are many factors that have probably contributed to the poor sales. Here are a few:
  • Infrequent/Inadequate advertising of the show/dolls
  • Shelves overloaded with Bloom dolls
  • Poor distribution/difficulty in finding the specific doll/s a person wants

Because of these poor doll sales I have teamed up with BubbleGumMagic97 on my YouTube channel Sailoreric97 to start a campaign to promote doll sales! 

The campaign is called "Fly High All Around!" Through the campaign we will be promoting the Winx Club Doll Line and hope to raise awareness of the line in hopes that doll sales improve!

Watch the campaign video here and don't forget to comment and subscribe to sailoreric97.

The doll sales for this Fall will no doubt have a MAJOR impact on the fate of the Winx Club doll line. 

If you can buy the dolls, please get the ones you want, and if you are unable to buy them, just spread the word about the Winx Club Doll Line to everyone you can!

Stay updated on the campaign on Facebook!
Sailoreric97: https://www.facebook.com/Sailoreric97Youtube?ref=hl
JustAnotherCrazyWinxFan: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Another-Crazy-Winx-Fan/456363251090480?ref=hl

Remember to use the hashtag #FlyHighAllAround on Social Networking to raise awareness and sales for the doll line and the campaign!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Winx Sirenix Dolls Hit UK!

While browsing YouTube tonight I have discovered a  doll review of the Tecna Sirenix doll by Jakks Pacific.
According to the review the doll was purchased at a UK shop called Smyths and all 6 of the Sirenix dolls were there!

Here is the Smyths website. There are some Winx Dolls on the site but no Sirenix yet.

Credits for the video go to: monster high fan
Here is her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/monsterhighfan123456?feature=watch

Everyone make sure to do your best to support the Winx Club Doll line this Fall! Sales haven't been the best lately and the best way to keep the brand strong and alive is to buy the dolls and support it! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Winx Club San Deigo Comic Con 2013 Limited Edition Dolls

This year at Comic Con 2013 there will be some amazing new Limited Edition Winx Club Dolls to purchase! 

The first one that we all know about is Daphne. She will be available for around $30 at the Entertainment Earth Booth at SDCC and on the Toys R Us website starting on July 18th 2013. 

Here are some picture of her! 

Good news! There is also another Limited Edition doll that will be at Comic Con this year! It is a Blue  Harmonix Bloom Doll!
She is simply gorgeous! The designer did an excellent job on both of these dolls and I can not wait to buy them! Hopefully I won't have to fork to much over for this one but she will be worth it anyways!

So guys, what San Deigo Comic Con doll for this year is your favorite is your favorite? I can't decide! I LOVE both! 

Jakks Pacific Harmonix Dolls in Italy?

Would anyone be able to confirm if Jakks Pacific Winx Harmonix dolls are being sold in Italy? 

The Italian toy website http://www.toysmania.it/ has many Jakks Pacific dolls for sale but they also have many Witty Toys Dolls, which is the company that makes the dolls that most of Europe gets.

I was very curious about this since I thought that Italy only sold the Witty Toys dolls.

I checked eBay  because that's a good way to get an idea of what is actually being sold in a certain country. Believe it or not, if you search "Winx Harmonix" on the official Italian eBay website http://www.ebay.it/ , you will see many Harmonix dolls by Jakks Pacific! I think this is very interesting! It looks like many of the sellers have them at their houses in Italy! 

So Italian Winx fans, have you seen any Jakks Pacific dolls in stores, or are these sellers getting them from somewhere else? 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to School with the Winx!

Giochi Preziosi will be releasing some very cool back to school Winx Club merchandise Fall 2013 in Italy! The line includes book bags, pencil pouches, journals/diaries, and even ear buds! Here are some images of the products to be released! 


 Which new back to school merch is your favorite? I really like the journals and would love to have them!

Hopefully we will see some back to school Winx stuff in the USA this Fall! What kind of back to school and stationary products would you like to see for Winx Club? Tell us in the comments!  

Special Thanks to Michael's Winx Club for telling me about the news and sending me the link to the article where it came from! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daphne Limited Edition eBay Update!

The Daphne Comic Con Doll that had been listed on eBay yesterday has been removed. Those who ordered her sadly received emails saying that their order has been canceled and refunded! Bummer!
I guess we will all have to wait until the 18th like we originally intended. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Limited Edition Daphne Doll Available for order on eBay!

NOTE: Those who ordered this item from eBay have received emails from PayPal saying their order had been canceled and refunded. 7/9/13

Earlier today I was on eBay and spotted the Daphne Limited Edition doll that will be available at the San Diego Comic Con this year!

She was only $29.99 and I was surprised someone was selling her for retail price. When I clicked on the listing I noticed that it was on sale for the retail price because it was on sale at the Official Toys R Us eBay store. 

This was very shocking to see as the Daphne Doll on the Toys R Us Website is not available to order until July 18th. Click here to view Daphne on the Toy R Us website. 

The estimated Delivery Date is by Wednesday July 10th - Friday July 12th. I won't be surprised if this changes and I will update this post if it does.

UPDATE OF COURSE! NOTE: Those who ordered this item from eBay have received emails from PayPal saying their order had been canceled and refunded.

Click here to view the listing and buy yours today! It appears there are no order limitations so you can purchase more than one.

Six have been sold as of this screen shot which was taken July 8th at about 9:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

There will be one more Comic Con doll for this year which will hopefully be announced soon! The designer is really excited about both this Daphne doll and the other Comic Con doll that is being released!