Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jakks Pacific Bloomix Dolls Appear on Tumblr!

(This news has been posted already on various sites and Michael's Winx Club and Una Di Noi Winx, but I first found out about it from one of my friends on Flickr.)

So last night Tumblr user, Duchess Swan, posted a picture of his Toys R Us Doll Haul, which included the entire Winx Club Bloomix Power Collection! 

And now what everyone has been waiting for--- The Bloomix Doll Images! I do not own these pictures and will take them down if requested by the owner. The purpose of this post is solely to spread Winx Club news and to reach as many fans as possible! 

I like these dolls, but I don't love them, That may change when I see more pictures of them but honestly I was hoping for something a bit better. Sadly, it looks like they had to go through a lot of cost reduction from the leaked prototypes we saw here

  • They all have the same yellow crown mold which appears to be from the Bloom Harmonix doll, but I don't think works here. If they were going to reuse an accessory I believe the Aisha Harmonix tiara mold would have worked better as it hangs over the forehead more like the tiara in the Bloomix designs.  

  • The transition from leggings to shoe is really awkward in my opinion. The skin really shouldn't be showing. I wish Jakks would have invested in using a longer shoe mold to cover up the skin (they used the Bloom and Flora Charmix mold for people wondering) OR made the leggings go all the way down and cover the feet (like footie pajamas) and then put the shoe on top. I think those would have been better solutions. (The prototype image from above had a different shoe mold and leggings that didn't reveal skin.) 

  • It looks like the Mythix wands and Capes that the girls had in the prototype images were also cost reduced, unless the Mythix wands are coming with the Mythix dolls. We will have to see.

But of course their are awesome things about these dolls too! 
  • The leggings are all very nicely detailed!
  • The wings are gorgeous as always.
  • The tops are nicely detailed.

Maybe I am being a bit too critical. The Bloomix show designs were very complex and are probably the most complex of all Winx transformation designs. I am still SUPER excited Jakks released these and I will be buying every single one. My favorites are Flora, Musa, and Tecna! How about you? Please tell me what you think in the comments!

Hopefully Mythix and Color Splash are still set to release! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Help Una Di Noi Winx Do #SomethingTrulyMagical

Hey guys! Today I am here to tell you about something one of my fellow Winx bloggers has started! It's a campaign to show Nickelodeon and Jakks Pacific that there are still many Winx fans and the best part about this campaign is that you can do whatever you want to help! 

Here's an excerpt from Una Di Noi Winx's post:
"It doesn’t matter what you do. Just express yourself as a Winx fan, then show what you’ve done to Nick and JAKKS. Don’t think too hard about it, either. We’re just showing them how much we love this show. If you just wanna send a tweet or two, that’s fine, too."

Please CLICK HERE to read more about the campaign and most importantly help us out! We need as many Winx fans as possible! Share this campaign around as much as you can!