Friday, June 14, 2013

Even More Winx Dolls Heading Our Way!

In addition to Wednesday's post about new Winx Doll lines; there are even a few more that have been recently added to the official Winx Club Websites!

The English website has added 3 new doll lines.

Summer Style:

Below is the Summer Style Collection! It is just a very plain and simple basic doll collection! I think it is very pretty and nicely done for a budget collection. It includes, Stella, Layla/Aisha, Bloom, and Flora. 

Here is the Fashion Fairy Collection. It is another basic doll collection. It features beautiful dresses with a flowing trim and bonus wings for your doll! There are six dolls to collect-Musa, Flora, Bloom, Layla/Aisha, Stella, and Tecna! 
Finally here is the Shopping Fairy Collection! It is a really pretty collection based on the Cafe outfits from season 5. There are four dolls to collect- Flora, Stella, Bloom, and Layla/Aisha! The collection features shiny scarves, beautiful fashions, and extra wings! 
The only other collection added to the Italian site as of now is the Summer Style Collection. On the Italian Website the collection is called "Mare e Magia" which translates to "Sea and Magic". 

With all of these new Witty Dolls coming out you can tell that Summer-Fall 2013 will be an important time for Rainbow with fashion doll sales. If you live where any of these dolls will be sold I highly encourage you to buy them if you like them because fashion doll sales are a huge part of Winx and you will help to promote Winx with every doll you buy! 

Hopefully we will see some Jakks dolls soon! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tons of New Winx Dolls Flying Our Way!

Hello guys! I'm not sure if you have noticed, but both the Italian and English Official Winx Club Website's have been adding tons of dolls to their fashion doll sections!

I'll give you the breakdown of what dolls have been added to each site! First we'll go with the English site.

The new doll collections added to the English website are:

Here are the Believix Magical Hair Dolls! As you can see the dolls in these images have Jakks heads and Jakks legs! Some of these Witty promo images are getting weirder and weirder. Also, you can notice that Musa and Tecna's wings are switched. 
The official dolls from this collection have been released and they are 100% Witty Toys. No Jakks heads or legs. You can see the official product HERE at Magix Journey.
As you can see the packaging has changed a lot.

Here are the Enchantix dolls by Witty Toys! I'm not very happy with the fact that the dolls have the reused Believix/Charmix shoe mold. It worked for the Charmix collection but for Enchantix you need the elegant wrap around shoes. It would be nice if the dolls had gloves and accessories but what can you expect for a collection from a transformation that came out in 2006-2007? We are far away from Enchantix these days. I don't think these dolls are that bad though, my favorites are Stella and Layla. It would have been nice to see Musa and Tecna in this collection. Also, as you can see in the group photo I made Bloom has a Jakks face but in the actual product she has a Witty face.

Now for the Italian website the dolls they added today were:

 Here is the Magic Ocean Collection! This collection may coincide with a DVD that may be the Mermaid Special that was announced a while ago. I'll like this collection a lot more if the actual dolls are as detailed as Stella is in the boxed promo image. These dolls also include bonus wings.The faces shown in the promo images are Jakks faces once again.

This is the My Fairy Friend Collection. It is a very simple line but I like the outfits a lot! I think the design is very pretty! This line seems to come with wings for the dolls. As you can see the faces are Jakks in the promo images.

Here are the SIRENIX DOLLS! I can't tell you guys how much I love them! They are so pretty! They aren't extremely detailed but they don't come off as cheap, like the Harmonix dolls did. I also love how they did the shoes. It's a much better idea then to just have the fabric as almost footie pajamas. The arm ribbon doesn't seem to be included like it was in the earlier promos we saw but that could be easily added if you'd like.

What do you guys think about all of these new collections? If you live in Europe will you be buying them? If you live elsewhere will you be importing them somehow? Hopefully soon we will be able to see the Jakks Pacific Sirenix Dolls! Also, do you think these dolls will come out with the Jakks Faces or Witty Faces? 

Post your ideas and opinions in the comments below!