Friday, December 6, 2013

Winx Club Online Shopping Site! Italy Only?

The New Online Shop of the Winx! Enter! 

The official Italian Winx Club website now has a Winx Club online shopping store! The website launched today December 6th and there is a video on the front page featuring the Winx Club shopping site. 
Click the link HERE to watch the video!

The video features a Limited Edition Bloom Urban Fairy doll for purchase for about 30 Euros, and other Winx merchandise like magazines!

If you live in Italy, then you are in luck for buying, but other countries don't have access to the Winx store! Most likely, because the website doesn't offer shipping out of Europe or Italy (I'm not 100% sure but this is a good guess).
Here is the shopping site link! See if it works for you!
If you live outside of Italy and have access to the website we would love to hear what other countries can access it and what else the website features! Thanks for reading everyone!