About Me

Hello Everybody! First of all I guess I'll start by introducing myself! My name is Eric! I am 15 years old, I'm from the United States, and I have been in love with the Winx Club ever since the 4kids version started airing in here in the United States in 2004.

From the very first time I saw the show I fell in love with it instantly. I was so fascinated by the colorful, strong, fresh, and different fairies that I saw on the screen! They weren't the average, typical, flowery, tiny, and mysterious, creatures that I used to think of when I heard the word "fairy"; instead they were fashionable teen fairies with amazingly incredible powers! They were simply the Winx Club!

I have always loved reading Winx Club Blogs but the idea of making one just never came into my head until late last year! I grew up checking out and reading my favorite Winx Club fan site:
My first news report on Michael's Winx Club was actually in 2009 if I'm remembering correctly!
Now we are affiliates! Check out my other affiliates HERE:

-My Winx Doll Collection as of June 1, 2013-

Also, along with being a fan of the show I have also been a HUGE fan of the merchandise; mostly the dolls!
My first Winx Doll was Sky by Mattel and I got him either Summer of 2004 or 2005. I was so excited about him but after that I needed to get ICY. I just loved her doll! I actually wanted her so bad that I had a fit but my parents bought her for me and I loved her like no other toy! Sadly that Icy has been destroyed due to  my creativity as a child but let's not get into that! Let's fast forward to December 23, 2010!

This is when I opened my YouTube account sailoreric97
Now this channel is mostly known for my doll reviews but it really didn't start out this way. I was really into Sailor Moon during the time I created this channel, and I was born in 1997 so that's why I chose this username. I would make little mash up clips with Sailor Moon and Winx Club transformations and stuff like that. I didn't start really doing regular doll reviews until Fall 2012 when Jakks released their Winx Club line!
This is when my channel really started to take flight! I maybe had 300 subscribers in Summer 2012 and as of now Summer 2013 I have over 900! I'd like to thank everyone for supporting me and my channel!

Some of the other places you can find me on the web are:

Official Winx Club Video Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyWinxFanTV

My favorite members of the Winx are Stella and Layla/Aisha but I love all of the girls! They are such an interesting and unique group of friends and Rainbow SRL did an amazing job with creating the show! Some of my other hobbies include cooking, drawing, editing videos, hanging out with friends/family, and a bunch of other things!


  1. how come some of the doll in your winx club collection are in box but the same doll is already out of the box

  2. i love it and i have lots and lots of WINX CLUB dolls
    i love the winx club . i always see winx club movies and episodes on t.v.