Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary Winx Club!

Can you guys believe it? Winx Club has been around for 10 years now! January 28, 2004 was the first time that Winx Club aired on TV in Italy on the channel Rai 2. Ten years later, Winx Club is still an amazingly popular cartoon series with six seasons and counting, theatrical films, TV movies, and tons of merchandise! I'd like to say congratulations to Iginio Straffi and Rainbow SRL! Thanks for giving us Winx fans such a special series :) 

Here is a link to one of many articles about Winx's 10th Anniversary!


What is your favorite Winx Club memory? With 10 years of Winx Club I'm sure you have at least a few fond memories! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winx Club Season 7 CONFIRMED!

Special thanks to Una Di Noi Winx for posting the news first! Amazing news Winxers! There is a seventh season of Winx Club in our future! The article here on an Italian news website, Corriere Adriatico contains an interview with Iginio Straffi, the CEO of Rainbow and creator of Winx Club in which Straffi confirms a seventh season of Winx. Here is a snippet from the interview (translated from google translate, so it's not the best translation). 

So many initiatives underway at the Rainbow ... "We are in full swing: it is in preparation for the seventh series of the Winx, the II series Prezzy, a third film about witches, the studio also new characters.'s going well the Rainbow Magic Land, the amusement park near Rome. During these first few days of the year we are strengthening Our offices in Asia in the near future where we will focus our efforts. "

The article also mentions that the 3rd Winx Movie is scheduled to come out some time after this upcoming summer and that Rainbow is focusing on strengthening their offices in Asia. Maybe they will be expanding the magic of Winx to other countries? Nothing is confirmed about that as of now though.

So what do you guys think? Are you happy Rainbow is adding another season of Winx or do you feel as if the series is being stretched out too long? I am very happy there is going to be a seventh season as seeing Winx Club end would be really painful for me, so I'll take any Winx we can get!