Sunday, October 28, 2012

Winx Dolls in Kmart Ad!

Here are some pics from my camera:) They are on page 23 of the add :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Myself!

Hey Guys today is my Birthday and look what Michael's Winx Club made me! Thanks so much!!1

I received this image from Cynthia's Winx Blog @ THANKS SO MUCH!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Toys R Us France Winx News!

Hey guys! I just found out today that the Harmonix dolls are now on the French Toys R Us site!

Here are some screen shots!

They also are selling these weird combo packs for 30 Euros. Toys R Us USA now offers international shipping. Now people in other countries can easily get the Jakks dolls :) Now I think it would be fair for USA fans to easily get the Simba dolls :P

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Okay. I'm really just another crazy Winx fan!

Okay, I was just spending 5 minutes spelling Enchantix on my last blog post, and I just realized it was being underlined in red because it's not a real word. Wow Eric, wow.

Winx Season 5 Episode Review-The Shimmering Shells

Okay I LOVED this episode! I'm not going to do a full out review of the episode but I have a lot of GOOD things to say about it! First of all there was little to no cheesy lines and the script was more mature with less dumb jokes! SO thank you Nick and Rainbow for that! I was going to scream if the lines were dumb. This episode really exceeded my expectations I was starting to think season 5 would be a let down but this episode sure changed my mind. And Harmonix! Possibly my favorite transformation! I love Enchantix and Magic Winx(Charmix) but I think we can all admit Harmonix is way better than Believix. (In my opinion!) And next week..SQUEE! The Winx are going to Melody! Rainbow I love you!!!! OMG!!!!!!! EVERYONE CALM DOWN!!! Okay YES! Very Exciting! At least for me! This is the best episode of season 5 so far!! And I think the gift of self confidence has more of a purpose than those gifts the Winx needed in season 4 to get Lovix and Sophix. Also, every time they get one of those gifts another gem goes on their Sirenix box! Cool idea.  So with that said have a good day everyone! I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did! Can't wait for the Harmonix dolls, they better be beautiful because this transformation is WAY to good for crappy dolls.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Roxy Believix Review

Roxy Believix Review

Hey Guys! About a week ago I got my Roxy Believix Doll from Europe. I got her from a trade I did with one of my friends on Flickr.
Roxy is an amazing doll! I love her. She gets 10/10 stars. I am very satisfied with her! SO let's get on with the review!

Alright here she is in the box! The box isn't the most detailed box I have ever seen but it looks great! I wish Bloom, Stella, and Flora weren't on the front of all the boxes...

Here are some close ups and side views of the box.

I love the back of the box! It's so colorful and fun! All of the Winx girls look awesome here!

Two final box images before...THE UNBOXING! Yay! 
Here she is on a Monster High stand. She doesn't come with a stand but Cleos's Dead Tired stand looks pretty nice on her if I may add. She comes with a green butterfly brush and a green butterfly mirror.

As you can see she has beautiful make-up! I love her face! I think it looks a lot like her! She has green eye shadow with pink eye shadow on top of it, and she has light pink lips.

Her outfit is very accurate to the one in the show. She has her green top with one sleeve and two pink straps with two blue gems. She has her arm cuff thing with yellow frill. Her shorts are green with yellow frills at the bottom. Her belt is actually a different piece of fabric from her top, for some reason I always thought her belt was sewn onto her shorts but I guess not! Her belt is yellow with a pink sash and a blue gem.
Her hair has two orange streaks in the back. I guess these are supposed to be the yellow streaks she has in front of her hair. Oh well, I am so pleased with the rest of this doll so this doesn't bother me. She still looks awesome!
Her Wings look great! Very detailed and Sparkly!
Here are her shoes! They are good enough for me, more accurate than Jakks would probably be... She also comes with socks! For some reason that makes me really happy lol.

Here is a height comparison. I wont explain who is tallest to who is the shortest because that's why I took the picture XD
So like I said she gets 10/10 stars! Amazing doll with amazing quality! Go Witty Toys!