Saturday, September 14, 2013

Winx Club Season 6 TRAILER Debuts on Rainbow's Winx Club YouTube Channels!

Okay guys, I'm so late with this post! But anyways, here are my thoughts on the Season 6 Trailer! 
As most Winx Club fans already know, on Thursday August 29th, the trailer for the BRAND NEW 6th season of Winx Club was uploaded to many of Rainbow's Winx Club YouTube Channels (Rainbow has multiple Winx Club channels for different languages.)  

Here is the trailer from WinxClubEN (The English Winx Club YouTube Channel. Also note that the trailer was uploaded on the other channels but were also the English version.) 

Link Here:

I'm not going to comment on the trailer too much but here's a bullet list of things that I noticed/liked/didn't like about the trailer. (I ended up commenting on a lot.) 

  • The Trix get new outfits once again! I'm happy about that but I'm not sure if I like the new hair styles and clothes yet. I'll need to get a better view of them.

  • The Winx are wearing pink and grey plaid school uniform style outfits throughout the trailer. It's unconfirmed if these will be the official everyday outfits for this season or not at this time. The outfits are really cute and pretty but I'm not sure how I feel about them being so similar. It kind of takes their individuality away as a group of fairies with totally different powers. 

  • Daphne is shown getting into the transformation poses with the Winx girls. It will be cool to see her fighting with the Winx in a few episodes, but please Daphne... don't join the Club. How lame would it be to be in a club with your younger sibling? I would hate that. A lot of people are saying that Daphne deserves to in the Winx Club because she helped out the Winx so much but is it really necessary? Daphne is already Bloom's sister so they can hang out when ever they want. I'd much rather see Roxy join. I want to see her progression as a fairy. How cool would it be to see her get her Enchantix powers or something? Although I feel like this will never  happen because Rainbow and Nick  seem to like to not like to talk about old transformations once a new one comes along, which is really unsettling for me. I always miss the old ones! 

  • There's a very anime-ish vibe and style throughout the whole trailer. I think I like it! I'm not sure if it's exactly "Winx" but I guess we'll see when the new season 6 episodes debut!

  • We see the Specialists with new outfits. 
  • Of course we get a sneak peak of the new transformations! It looks like there will be two in this season. 
I think this will be the main: 
And this here will be the minor: 

As you guys can see there will be CGI animation in the 6th season, but I'm pretty sure most of us saw that coming. 

What did you guys think about the trailer? I'm SO excited for season 6! And if fashion dolls come out I'm sure they'd be gorgeous! 

*All opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not meant to hurt/offend others.*