Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Winx Club Dolls in the Middle of "Anorexic" Looking Doll Scandle

So guys, the Winx Club body type/art style is again being targeted by parents who think that the body type is unhealthy for little girls to see and a dad wants the dolls to be taken off shelves at a retailer called Myer. 

What do you guys think of this story? Do you think the Winx body type is a negative influence on little girls? 

This is how I personally feel about the subject, "Does anyone realize the dolls are simply based off of the show's characters and art style? The art style of the Winx Club cartoon makes the characters skinny and thin. It's just an art style, it's not an accurate representation of how your daughter should look. If your daughter likes the dolls and you're worried about how she will be effected by the thin body, can't you explain to her that normal girls don't look like that? That she's based off a cartoon? Not real life."