Monday, March 25, 2013

Winx on Easter?

There was no new episode of Winx Club Beyond Believix yesterday (Sunday March 24, 2013) because room in the schedule was needed to make room for the  2013 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (KCA's).

Because of this, Nickelodeon has decided to schedule two episodes of Winx Club this Sunday which happens to be Easter. Do you guys think this was a good or bad idea?

Personally I think it was a bad choice on Nick's part. I think they should have just skipped two weeks of Winx and air the episodes starting the week after Easter. Unless Nick decides to advertise it heavily I think the ratings will be even worse than they have been. I know I'll be at my one of my relative's houses on Easter and won't have time to watch Winx Club. A lot of people will be in the same situation as me and will either have to record it, or miss it and watch it later on Nick's website. So what do you guys think? Will you be watching Winx on Sunday? Or catching it later?

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Winx Toys at Rainbow Licensing Summit 2013!

On Facebook Tsumanga Studios Ltd recently uploaded some photos of some interesting  Winx Club dolls. We saw the Stella Design Studio, and a Musa doll in a dress, that was handmade at the Rainbow Licensing Summit 2013 according to the caption from the FaceBook photos. Here are the photos!
Here is the Stella Studio and a woman
working on a handmade dress for
the Witty Toys Musa doll.
If you notice there is an army of other
Witty Toy dolls behind her.
Here is the handmade dress for Musa

Now for the exciting Images! Pictures of new Sirenix dolls have been spotted! Except there is one weird thing I'm seeing with these dolls! Is it just me or do they look like Jakks Pacific doll heads with Witty Toys bodies?
There is a flash on Bloom and Stella's heads so it's hard to make out their faces but the Flora Sirenix doll (furthest on the right) definitely looks like the JAKKS Flora Harmonix's Face! Let's take a closer look.

Here we have a zoomed in photo of the crystal ball holding the Sirenix dolls. Look closely at Flora.

Now look at Flora Harmonix by Jakks Pacific here. The faces look similar. Don't they? Still not convinced? Let's compare bodies.

Closely study the bodies of these Season 5 Bloom dolls. The one on the left is Friends Forever Bloom by Witty Toys and the one on the right is  City Style Bloom by JAKKS Pacific.


Notice the difference? The Witty bodies have bendy arms (like the Mattel dolls) while the budget Jakks dolls have stiff hands. The Witty legs are clicky joints, and the Jakks leg joints bend like Monster High legs.
Look at the Witty Bloom and compare it to the shape of the Sirenix dolls above. Now look at the Jakks Bloom and compare it to the Sirenix dolls above. You will notice that the shape of the body is like the Witty dolls!

Now look at these last two photos from the Summit! If you weren't convinced that those Sirenix dolls had Jakks Pacific heads and Witty bodies, this should! Look at this extremely random Stella looking doll. It has a JAKKS Stella Harmonix head, and a Witty Toys body! (Compare the shape of the bodies with the other images above). This appears to be some sort of Winter Stella doll. She has a pink dress, green jacket, earmuffs, and wings.
If you notice the wings look like Witty Toys Lovix or Sophix Wings. Also, the box looks like a Pink version of Bloom's SDCC Box. Maybe it was an exclusive Winter doll to this specific event?

What do you guys think about all of this? Please tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Magix Journey Jakks Pacific Doll Petition!

Hey Guys! My friend Jordan from Magix Journey has started an amazing petition on his forum! Do you feel as if Jakks hasn't made all of the dolls you NEED? Or they haven't made the characters you WANT? Or is there anything you would like to address to Jakks  Pacific about the Winx line in general? If so this petition is perfect for you!
When enough responses are received the topic will be sent to Jakks Pacific via email!
Just CLICK HERE to be sent to the petition.  You will have to join the forum but it's easy and doesn't take long, so don't worry! Plus, after you join you can hang around there and talk to a bunch of other awesome Winx fans and I'm often on there talking about the dolls. Please help us out and respond to the topic because the more responses we get the more seriously Jakks will take the requests we have! THANKS GUYS! Have a Winx-tastic day! I made a promotional video for the cause! Check out the video below!