Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winx Pop Disco Dolls! and some Fall 2013 Doll Descriptions!

      I was online browsing around and stumbled upon these juicy new  doll images! Apparently, that Winx Club line that we saw on the back on the Stella Design Studio isn't just the 3 mascots, its all 6 of the Winx!
      I'm so happy to see Musa and Tecna in this line! I don't really get the purpose of the bonus wings though. Yeah, they are a nice extra accessory for kids I  guess. But I honestly don't like them because they are just the mold for Stella's Charmix wings. Now if they were molded like each girls actual Charmix wings I would probably enjoy them much more. 
     Which one do you like the best? My favorites are Stella, Flora, and Musa, even though I think Musa looks a little weird. Also, it looks like Stella might finally have her proper YELLOW hair, not blonde. One thing I noticed was Jakks isn't trying to fool us with the articulated promo images anymore. Here we see the budget articulation. 
     Here is the description for this collection   "Get ready to rock with the 11.5” Pop Disco Dolls (SRP $12.99). Bloom and the other Winx Club™ fairies are dressed in bright, trendy fashions, perfect for a night out on the town!" 
  Also, this website included an official description of the new 2013 Sirenix Dolls! 

"Reflecting the fashion, friendship and magic of the animated series airing on Nickelodeon, the 11.5” Winx Club™ Sirenix Deluxe Fashion Dolls (SRP $19.99) will feature the Winx Club™ in fabulously sparkly wings, water-inspired fashions, and color change hair that changes color when you brush it. Girls can further immerse themselves in the underwater world with the Sparkling Lights Sirenix Bloom Doll (SRP $24.99). With a translucent body and legs, Bloom sparkles and glows like never before, bringing the magic of Winx Club™ to life."
Interesting, the hair will change color with a brush! Everyone was expecting some sort of water change! I wonder how the brush wil change the Sirenix hair? Or maybe you just dip the brush in cold water and brush the hair life that? Knowing these dolls will have a feature involving the hair, Jakks will have to make it nice quality. No Sirenix images yet, I hope everyone can be happy with these for now! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Special Edition Pink Enchantix Bloom Review!

     Hello everyone! Today I am giving you guys a review of the brand new Pink Enchantix Bloom doll that is apparently a Walmart Exclusive! (insert long story about Entertainment Earth here) She is truly an amazing doll and I recommend her to all Winx Club collectors! So lets get started!

 So Guys lets start with the box! I think the box design is very nice! It is very attractive and makes you want to pick it up and buy the doll! It's very girlish and pink with a hint of goth because of the black heart, which I'm glad about because it

 makes the box look edgier and

more interesting! There's only one problem with this box if you ask me.

 The box art is Bloom BELIEVIX!
Why must they use Believix on EVERYTHING! I mean Believix is fine on BELIEIVX dolls, but not anything else. An Enchantix picture would have been fine... At least they

 used the season 3-CGI movie

 casual Bloom instead of some season five image. Also if you notice the promo picture compared to the actual product, you'll see they added the pink socks and changed the gloves from solid black to fishnet gloves.

 Here she is out of the box! Isn't she just stunning! She is on a Deuce Gordon Monster High stand but I think the lime neon green color really makes the pink pop! 

Here are some close up pictures of her out of the box! What do you guys think so far? Honestly when I first saw her I was like "Eh she's cool and I'll buy her but she isn't

 really amazing or anything." But
 now I see how amazing she is!

 Her face up is pretty much Believix/ normal Enchantix Bloom but there is silver glitter above her eyeshadow

 so there is some variation. Her hair
 is also styled the same as Believix/
 normal Enchantix Bloom. Except
 the rubber bands around her hair
 a nice pink color instead of purple. Her hair is made out of the same low

 grade nylon, but somehow it's

better than the previous dolls.

Also, her brush which I forgot to take pictures of, is a different color than all of those brushes that game with the previous dolls. It is a lighter more attractive looking pink color than the dark pink color we saw with the other brushes. Her curls are being held in place by a rubber band going around her back. Her dress is actually two pieces so that's cool! You don't see more pieces than

 absolutely necessary with Jakks. Her dress has a lot of details like the heart jem and fishnet trim on the black part of her dress. The two

 top pink layers have different colors of pink glitter and the bottom layer

is pink fishnet. Her gloves are a black fishnet and I'm correct it's the same fabric from the SDCC Blue Bloom socks and gloves. Also her Wings are amazing! Look at the back! The silver side rocks! Also

 Jakks printed the beads onto the

 wings, so there is a bit more detail! Now I'll compare her to the normal Bloom! The wings are a bit smaller than the normal Enchantix Bloom. But they are generally the same thing despite the colors and printed beads.

Here are the face comparisons! Like I said basically the same except for the silver eyeshadow. Also, the hair is curled differently on both of them, with the pink having tighter curls than the normal one.

 Here are the gloves. The only difference is that the Pink Bloom has black gloves that are like a fishnet material.

 Here we have them side by side! I was going to compare them in individual pictures like the faces above but I guess I didn't take enough pictures like that! Anyways, I should have mentioned this already but Bloom IS articulated like a deluxe doll so yay for that! Her articulation for some reason seems slightly better to me than the other deluxe dolls. It seems to bend a lot easier and and for some reason I have a feeling her joints move like 2/100's of a centimeter further. But I honestly am not sure.  (I'll just refer to them as Pink and Normal from now on, okay? It'll save me some repetitive typing here) The Pink has a slightly longer dress than the normal. And like I said it's two pieces instead of one. The Pink is more accurate than the normal with how the dress is cut and detailed, except for the way the layers are trimmed. The layers are trimmed like falling goo if you get what I mean. The shoe mold is the same but black. For some reason they decided to give her socks. I think they make her look more complete so I think that's why they gave her socks. I took her socks off and she looked sort of plain, so I think that's why they gave her socks.
I am one hundred percent pleased with this doll! I'll give her a 10/10! I should knock off a few points for the BELIEVIX artwork but I'll let it slide since the doll is so amazing. The hair could be better, but it's not as horrible as my normal Bloom Enchantix so we'll let the hair slide too! What do you guys think of her?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pink Edition Enchantix Bloom Doll Canceled by EE

Did you order a Pink Edition Bloom Enchantix doll from Entertainment Earth? Well if you did, bad news for you! They will not be filling our orders and will be canceling them! Here is the email Entertainment Earth just sent: "Thank you for ordering from Entertainment Earth. We have been notified by 
the manufacturer that we will not be receiving any additional shipments of 
Winx Club Bloom Pink Enchantix Special Edition Fairy Doll, (Item JK63352), 
because they have discontinued production of this item at this point in 
time.  The order you placed for this item has been cancelled in our 

If this item is again made available, we will contact you for a possible 
re-order. We apologize for the inconvenience, as we certainly would have 
preferred to fill your order. Your order information appears below."

This new does stink but I think I know what happened. Entertainment Earth mostly just sells cases of toys, and they do not sell exclusives to other stores. When Walmart received the dolls as exclusives they probably had to take it off of Entertainment Earth. I just wonder why this happend? Aren't these things planned months in advanced? Weird. Oh well :( Have a nice day guys!

Walmart In Store Winx Club Event

Hey guys! Today I was just searching Winx Club dolls on google and I found something quite interesting! From February 21st-February 24th select Walmarts will be having a Winx Club Alfea College Event! Cool!
Here is the description from the site. Click here for the link. 
"Visit the Winx Alfea College Event at your local, participating Walmart to see the latest Winx Toy products including a Limited Edition Collector doll and have a photo taken for your student ID.  Also, enroll in Alfea College and receive a pennant along with an acceptance packet filled with fun activities." 
I wonder if this means only Walmarts hosting this event will have the Special Edition Bloom doll? Which I am assuming is the doll they are talking about! Sounds like a nice event! I like the effort Jakks is putting into the Winx! Now if someone at Rainbow could change up the lines a little bit, I'd be even more thrilled!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

20,000 views! Thanks Everyone!

Hey guys! I would like to announce that my blog has reached over 20,000 pageviews! I never thought it would happen this quickly! I only started blogging a couple months ago! There are a lot of Winx sites and blogs I would like to thank for welcoming me and/or helping me with my blog!
Now that I've been here for a while and have learned a little bit along the way, what else would you guys like to see on my blog? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks everyone and have a great day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Winx Dolls spotted at Toy Fair 2013!

Hey Guys! Time to Play Mag uploaded a video of them at Jakks and we saw some Winx Dolls!
They don't spend a lot of time on the Winx at all. They quickly show the Harmonix dolls (no Musa or Tecna)
and then move on to some sort of Sirenix dolls. 

So on the from left to right it appears that you see Bloom, Musa, then Stella. I know what your thinking, these dolls look kinda bad... There not horrible, but they could use A LOT of work. They seem to have molded tops and no deluxe articulation. So far there are three possibilities with these dolls.
1.) They are part of the official Sirenix collection of Fall 2013.
2.) They are like a basic budget side line of the Sirenix dolls. This theory comes from SibyllaJustice who runs an awesome Winx Club blog Believix Wings.
3.) They are Sirenix prototypes in early production.

What do you guys think? 
Also, they showed a really cool light up Bloom doll!

I'm glad we got to see Winx at the Toy Fair this year but I wish we would have seen more new lines rather than just Harmonix and some random Sirenix dolls! I guess I should be thankful for what we got to see, right? Remember to leave comment about what you think! (All images in this post belong to time to play mag.)


Monday, February 4, 2013

Musa and Tecna Harmonix Dolls Finally revealed on TV Ad!

After a long wait, we finally got a first look at the Musa and Tecna Harmonix dolls! As far as I know, no high quality pictures have been uploaded anywhere yet so you'll be seeing a lot of pictures like this until then. What do you guys think about them? I think they look amazing! I can't wait to see HD pictures of them! I'm sure that they will be spotted soon considering the the text at the end of the ad said "each sold separately." The only problem fans have really said about the dolls was that Tecna's hair was too long. I don't really have a problem with it but I do understand why people would be a little mad. Tecna is a short hair character, her short hair makes Tecna, well, Tecna! Maybe it will be shorter in the actual product! What do you guys think? I'm in love :) Great Job Jakks! Here's a link to the commercial!