Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fly High All Around Part 3: Winx Club Toys Consumer Research Survey!

 BubbleGumMagic97 and I have come out with our next part of the Fly High All Around Winx Club Doll Campaign! If you are unsure what this campaign is all about: Click here for a previous blog post explaining #FlyHighAllAround. 

Now we have developed a survey that we will be sending to a team at Jakks Pacific in order to help them out with marketing strategies and product development. It is NOT definite that this survey will have a significant impact on the Winx Club doll line, but our hopes are that it is read and helps out the Winx Club team at Jakks Pacific in some way. 

The questions in the survey are mostly aimed at marketing and advertising, which we believe are among the major things that needs improvement in the Winx Club Doll line by Jakks Pacific. 

Please take the survey here to assist us in our goal of improving the Winx Club doll line by Jakks Pacific.  
Here's the link! Thank you SO MUCH to those who choose to answer the questions!  It is VERY MUCH appreciated! 

Feel free to tell us if you've completed the survey in the comments! 

*We ask that only those who live where the Jakks Pacific Winx Club dolls are sold to answer this survey to keep results as accurate as possible.* 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fly High All Around: Let's Contact Jakks: My reply from Jakks Pacific!

Please click here to read my previous article about the email campaign to Jakks Pacific I have started. We need you to help out so PLEASE check it out. It could be helpful with convincing Jakks what could  be done with the doll line to help improve sales.

After sending my letter about my marketing concerns and other concerns for the Winx Club doll line I received a very nice email from Jakks. Also, it wasn't just an automated reply they directly answered part of my question---so you know the letter will be acknowledged and read if sent to 

Here is the reply I received in text format and screenshot:

"Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations,

I would be more than happy to forward your email to the appropriate department.  We are always striving to improve our products an appreciate any type of feedback.  We appreciate that you have taken the time out to write us.  If you have any further concerns feel free to contact me."

You can see the letter I wrote in the blog post link at the beginning of this post. 

Here are some banners I made that you guys can post about the email campaign if you want! Please make sure to post them with THIS link so people can read what to write the letters about:

I prefer this one because it provides a better explanation

Thanks so much for helping guys!!!!! If you want tell me if you sent a letter and received a reply in the comments!