Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Iginio Straffi is to be Honored as Filmmaker of the year at Italy's Ischia Fest!

Good news everyone! Iginio Straffi will be honored at the Ischia Fest in Italy as filmmaker of the year!

 In case you didn't know Iginio has helped write, produce, and direct some of Italy's most successful animated films!

Yay! For Iginio! This must be a nice gift so close to his birthday, which is May 30th! (While the festival is July 14th-21st)

Here is the link to the article:

Also speaking of his birthday, the official Winx Club forum is hosting a contest for Iginio's Birthday here!

Basically it is your job to design Iginio a birthday card!  Once you scan or take a picture of the card you have designed, uploaded it to the official Winx Club forum and Iginio will personally select a winner to have the card you made displayed on his official website!

For specifics click on the link to the forum above!

Have fun designing a card for Iginio!
*May 28th is the Last Day you can post an entry so be quick if you want to enter!*

Friday, May 17, 2013

Winx Club: Sirenix Power App Contest! *ENDED* Thanks for playing!

Sirenix Power Menu Screen
Have any of you guys downloaded the Winx Club Sirenix Power App Yet? If not you totally should! It's a nice fun little game with amazing graphics! 

Scroll down to check out the contest I'm hosting sponsored by Tsumanga Studios and PlayWinxClub!

You can download it here!
Google Play: http://bit.ly/GPplaywinx 

Sirenix Power Game Play Image 

 As I mentioned Tsumanga Studios and PlayWinxClub will be sponsoring this contest! If this contest goes well there are a few others I could do! I will be running it on my Facebook Page:

The first contest is a pretty simple one! All you have to do is tell us the name of this level in the Winx Club Sirenix Power App! 

See the icon with Serena and Icy? This icon is used for a level and all you have to do is tell us the name of the level! The first 5 people to tell us the correct answer will receive a coupon code for 7,000 red hearts to use in the Winx Club shop! 

*Please note this contest is open to Android Users ONLY as coupon codes are not possible on IOS.*

Too Win all you have to do is post on our Facebook Page the name of the level! Shortly after you will be sent a coupon code by me to use in the app! Good luck everyone!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Winx Club Sirenix Power App Tsumanga Studios Ltd Press Release!

Tsmanga Studios was kind enough to send me this press release for the all new Sirenix Power App! The app is even more awesome than it was when I had the opportunity to test it! All of the bugs have been fixed and a few things were changed/added! I highly recommend this app! To see my review click here:
Also, there will be some Sirenix Power Contests sponsored by Play Winx Club coming up soon on our blog and facebook page! Don't miss your chance to win coupon codes to use in the Winx Sirenix Power Shop! Now here is the official press release:

Tsumanga Studios Ltd

Rainbow Italy Winx Club

Press Release: Winx Sirenix Power / Game / Adventure  / Winx Club

Glasgow, Scotland. May 7th 2013. Season 5 of Rainbow’s Winx Club is coming to Apple and Android phones and tablets for the first time, thanks to Winx Sirenix Power, created by Tsumanga Studios.

Based on the incredibly popular fifth season of the Winx Club TV series, which saw the fairies gain the power of Sirenix, the game challenges players to outwit and beat the evil Tritannus and the Trix.

Rainbow's Winx Club is one of the world's most popular brands for younger females. With over 130 half hour TV shows, two full-length theatrical releases, a theme park, Broadway style musical and ice skating show, Winx Club has proved itself worldwide and maintains it strong position as a top brand for girls globally.

Winx Sirenix Power is set in the depths of the Infinite Ocean. Players can play as fairies Bloom or Stella and swim through beautiful 3D underwater environments, taken straight from the Winx Club series. Race Tritannus through the reefs and caves, avoiding spells cast by the Trix. The aim of the game is to save the Selkies before Tritannus captures them and pollutes the Infinite Ocean forever!

The Game is FREE to PLAY and fans can play four levels as Bloom in both racing and chase modes. There are also additional Winx Club fairies and new levels that can be purchased within the Game app once players have asked their parents!

A unique feature of Winx Sirenix Power is that players can contribute, collectively to the charity Water Aid and Gift for Life (Russia). As players pick up special BLUE charity hearts within the game, they're added to a global total. As the number of hearts collected grows, the game will make payments to the chosen charities once a grand total has been reached. Tsumanga Studios believes in doing some good through social gaming and online communities

Igino Straffi - CEO of Rainbow - said, “The popularity of Winx Club just keeps growing. The brand has become truly global, giving young and tween girls a franchise they can identify with and an adventure they can share. Winx Club encompasses a huge range of experiences, from musical theatre to a theme park, now, with the Winx Sirenix Power, we are bringing video games into this mix. We're thrilled with Tsumanga's vision for bringing the Winx Club to players and we're looking forward to Winx fans worldwide being able to become their favorite fairy and experience the adventure for themselves. Our strategy turn to the new media as a proper evolution of a brand that keep up with, or rather anticipate, kids’ trends to make, whilst retaining its positive and fun contents”.

Graeme Harvey - CEO of Tsumanga - said, “We have worked very hard to create a game which brings together everything that Winx Club stands for, in a game which kids will love.

We've worked with child psychologists and game designers to ensure that Winx Sirenix Power is simple, fun and exciting. Both Rainbow and Winx Club fans, have very high expectations for their favorite fairies. We believe we've come up with something which will make them very happy.” Winx Sirenix Power is due for release in April. It will be initially released in Italian, Russian and English.

Tsumanga is working another, larger scale multiplayer Winx Club project for mobile devices, to be published later this year.

Google Play Store:
Apple Store:

About Tsumanga:
Tsumanga Studios is a start-up social gaming and publishing company based in the technology hub of Glasgow, Scotland and founded by Graeme Harvey, the former CEO of Huzutech and Elias Moubayed, VP of Business Development. The focus of the company is the creation of the next generation social gaming and MMO experiences for kids, tweens and teens.Tsumanga Studios endeavours to do something stand out and different, by developing a true cross platform experience, while having a blast building and managing the social gaming space for big media brands.

About Rainbow:
Founded in 1995, Rainbow is a leading TV & Movie production studio which develops and distributes Kids and family animated series and films. Today, it is one of the most internationally renowned studios in the world. With its 450 full time creative talents, it is also the largest animation studio in Europe. Rainbow manages its distribution arms out of its head office based in Loreto, Italy and Milan, Spain, Amsterdam and Singapore. In addition, it houses a group of production companies including a theatrical CG production studio based in Rome, a video game production company based in Singapore, a Toy company based in HK and most recently, also a theme-park company operating Italy largest themepark, Rainbow MagicLand. For more info: visit www.rbw.it