Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Official Winx Club Facebook page Reaches 300,000 Likes!

Today on Facebook, the Offical Winx Club Facebook Page shared that they have reached over 300,000 likes with a new banner reading 300,000 fans! Congratulations to them!

Here is the banner that they shared.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Winx Club Sirenix Power App Preview! EXCLUSIVE!

As most of you guys know, Tsumanga Studios Ltd  has been developing a new Winx Club app called "Winx Sirenix Power" which is set for release Spring 2013!

I was lucky enough to test the game through their Facebook page specifically for Winx! A while ago they were asking people who had IOS devices to comment on their Facebook page for a chance to test the app! I was just lucky I guess!

Here is their Winx Facebook page: Playwinxclub.com

And here is their official Winx Club Website! Remember to sign up for exclusive newsletters! 

So let's start off with the menu screen!

This is the main menu you will be seeing when you click the app.
Isn't it cool? The columns in the upper right hand corner count the red and blue hearts you have collected while playing.

Here are the different places that you can play in. You can chose either the Infinite Ocean or Shark Eye Mountain!

In each place you can chose from four different games to play:
-Time Trial 1 
-Time Trial 2
-Selkie Rescue Part 1
-Selkie Rescue Part 2

Here is the  loading screen! Isn't it beautiful? The 3D models and graphics are excellent!

Now here are some game play screenshots! I think we all need to give Tsumanga Studios a round of applause for these amazing graphics! What about you guys? Don't you love them! The game will be so amazing! I'm sure you will all like it!

The screen shots below are all from the time trials. In the time trials you are expected to go through magic rings and collect the hearts you swim past! You also have a shields and spells for facing obstacles!

Now these screen shots below are from the Selkie Rescues! In the Selkie Rescues you try to beat Tritanuus to the end of the level! If he gets there before you, you lose! If you get there before him, you win! Simple as that!

In the time trial you get a shield and spells to help slow down Tritanuus and defend yourself from obstacles!

So are you guys excited for this lovely game? Of course there were a few bugs in the test game but they will all be taken out when the game is officially released! 

Playwinxclub informed me today they received a more recent version of the game and most of the bugs are fixed! 

The app will be available for free download in the Apple and Android App Stores and will include in app purchases such as:

New Music Tracks
New Characters!

I received special permission from  Playwinxclub.com to post this sneak peak, and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to do so!
Please do not steal any of the images here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Winx Toys for McDonald's Happy Meals May 2013! USA

I just checked the USA Happy Meal site and encountered a pleasant surprise! 
It an update to my last blog post, it looks like the United States IS getting Winx Club toys in Happy Meals next month! 

Here are some screenshots! Also, there are going to be Musa and Tecna figures! Awesome! I wonder if other countries (like Australia) will get the Musa and Tecna figures as well?

The wing features on the Musa and Tecna dolls appear to be:
Musa: Hair clip (like Flora)
Tecna: Bracelet (like Aisha)

I'm excited to try to collect them all! For our health addicts out there, will these Winx Club toys tempt you to go to McDonald's? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Winx Club Happy Meals in Australia! May 2013!

While browsing YouTube today I saw a comment on a video talking about the Winx Club Happy Meal Toys. I searched google for them  and I found out that a picture of the new toys have appeared on the Australian Happy Meal Website. It shows them for next month which is May, the US Happy Meal site shows different toys for next month. Will the US be getting these? I guess we will find out eventually.

The figures are of course wearing their Believix transformations! Harmonix or Sirenix would have been cool but whatever, I guess Nick and Rainbow are still trying to promote Believix for some reason! 

UPDATE: Una Di Noi Winx on Facebook reminded me that the first time we heard about these figures was on Michael's Winx Club when we heard about a Happy Meal Promotion for Magical Adventure, so it would make a lot of sense that these girls are in their Believix transformations since that is what they use in the movie! LOL! 

 It looks like the wings on the dolls double up as accessories.
Stella: ring
Bloom: ring
Aisha: bracelet 
Flora: I can't really tell but it looks like it might be a hair clip to me

Musa and Tecna aren't included but that shouldn't really surprise anyone. I think the figures are nice for Happy Meals though! If you notice all of them have their waists covered up to be more "appropriate" I guess. 

What do you guys think of them? Do you think any other countries will be getting them?